*steps over the border into california* 

*red hot chili peppers plays*



Reflektor is one of my favorite albums, so I made these collages trying to keep the aesthetics of the album. The first one is inspired in supersymmetry, the statues are Adonis and Aphrodite, Adonis was the deity of plants and rebirth and after his death he flourishes every spring as a poppy flower to be with Aphrodite, the bright scarlet colour of the poppy signifies a promise of resurrection after death. The second statue is Joan of Arc and it needs no explanation, she was the badass woman ever.

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Game of Thrones Theme (1986 Remix)

Kavinsky vibes

Super Audio Time!

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dog cloud over Manhattan 

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Just got this album. Obsessed.

oscar worthy

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The Hours.

Is it safe to say we’re attracted
to one another?
Because honestly to everything;
I swear I became attracted to you before I met you.
(The way she spoke about you, was like reaching for the perfect apple in the basket).